They Always Ask – So, is Insurance Really Necessary for Your iPad?

When it comes to deciding whether to pay for extended iPad 3 insurance, the answer isn't always obvious. Of course, it comes at a cost, but there's also the “what if” factor. “What if” something happens to your iPad, such as an accidental drop by yourself or your child, an accidental spill of coffee, or your child thinking it could be fun to see if your iPad can float in a pool! Life is what it is, and we have no control over it; however, before making your decision on extended insurance, it’s best to understand what's on offer. Initial Apple Warranty When you purchase your iPad 3, Apple will automatically provide you with a one-year limited warranty, including up to 90 days of free phone support from one of their highly trained technology professionals. They can answer and resolve almost any technical issue that you might have with your iPad 3. Apple Care Apple provides its own extended insurance coverage for its iPad 3. An additional 2 years of coverage will cost you $99. This coverage is viewed as an enhancement to what Apple already provides in its initial purchase warranty. This coverage includes phone support, equipment support, replacement for failure of hardware and batteries, and accidental damage. If you accidentally drop your iPad 3 or it becomes water damaged by a spill or lodging in water, Apple will replace your iPad 3 for a fee of $49. You are allowed two of these accidental claims within your coverage period. The trick to this program is that it must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing your new iPad 3. It also excludes lost or stolen iPads. Third-Party Insurance There are many additional insurance providers for the iPad in addition to what Apple offers. The main insurance coverage companies are Square Trade, Worth Ave Group, and Protect Your Bubble. Protect Your Bubble is the only insurance company that has coverage for lost or stolen iPads. Coverage from these companies can range in cost from $89 to $119, depending upon the type of device you purchased. For example, a lower price will reflect a 16GB iPad 3 with only WiFi services. The more GB and services you have, the higher the coverage cost. Basically, these certified Apple insurance companies cover unintentional damage caused by you or someone else. Claims can easily be processed online or by phone with great convenience and fast processing. You can even have your device replaced locally if there is an Apple store in your area. Coverage includes accidental damage to both the inside and outside of the iPad 3, as well as mechanical or electrical problems. Most mechanical and electrical problems are covered with no charge. There is no long-term commitment from these companies, and you should be able to cancel at any time if you change your mind on the coverage. Even if you are very careful, life situations can occur at the most inopportune times. If you are spending that much on an iPad 3, it may be a great investment to purchase additional insurance. If you have an older iPad 2, that's come down in price to $299, extra coverage may not be worth your money.


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